Covid-19 Update - 16th May 2020

Cotswold Sailing Club - Requirements for anyone using the Club


The Covid-19 pandemic has been disruptive to us all.  To support the Governments initiatives to slow the spread of this deadly virus we followed Government advice and closed the club.  The Government are now relaxing restrictions in stages which will allow us to steadily reopen the club activities.


It will not be an immediate return to all activities, we need to be considerate, conservative and patient, ensuring that our return to activities protects the health and well-being of our members and the wider population and minimises pressure on frontline services.  We have a Covid-19 task force who are assessing all our activities, we a have developed a roadmap to help us manage lifting restrictions and are assessing the risks of all our actions.


We are lifting some restrictions but please make sure you read the guidance below and comply with it.  As Government advice changes and the committee consider it prudent to do so we will update this guidance.  Remember if we do not comply with government guidance and/or Covid-19 cases increase we may be required to close the club again.


We are relying on all members to comply with the above for the benefit of all to enjoy our club.  The committee do not want to police this with sanctions but will if necessary.  Please remember all committee members are volunteers but they are members first who also wish to enjoy the club.


Position on 17 May 2020


Restricted Activities


  • Visitors - No Visitors, members only

  • Clubhouse - Closed  (access only for maintenance and medical emergency)

  • Toilets - Closed  (under review)

  • Changing Rooms - Closed

  • Racing - There must be no racing (includes racing from Spit, and informal racing)

  • Safety boats - Must not be used (there will be no safety cover)

  • Camping - Closed no overnight stays

  • Training - Suspended

  • Events - Suspended

  • Children’s play are and jetty - Closed

  • No barbecues or bonfires


Permitted Activities


  • Lake and open spaces - open

  • Vehicles allowed on site from 8.00am to 8.00pm

  • Casual Sailing allowed (base wind less than 20kt)

  • Other Water activities, including SUPs, rowing, canoeing, swimming, paddling, windsurfing &c. allowed (base wind 20kt wind limit)


If you display or are unwell with possible Covid-19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone with Covid-19 Symptoms in the last 14 days stay away – Do not come to the club


Considerations and Controls


Please read the following - if you have any queries ask a committee member.  These are in place to ensure that we all stay safe.


Reducing the risk of transmission of the virus is our first priority.




  • Always follow government advice

  • Maintain social distancing at all times

  • Always be considerate in your actions

  • Children must be closely supervised

  • Bring all your own equipment - do not use any club equipment unless specifically asked to do so

  • If you are unwell with possible Covid-19 symptoms do not come to the club, follow government advice

  • If you have come into close contact with someone with Covid-19 symptoms follow government advice - do not come to the club

  • If you are vulnerable or fear catching the virus - do not come to the club

  • You must:

    • cleanse your hands after touching common surfaces, coughing, sneezing and before/after being at the club.  Soap is provided by the hose near the entrance gate and tap outside kitchen window.

    • keep your distance

    • cover mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing.


Normal locking and unlocking of gates will be required - please take gloves or use sanitiser when using/touching locks and gate handles.


Water Users


  • All members using the water are responsible for their own safety.  There will be no safety cover.

  • Slipways have not been used so will be very slippery, please take extreme care when using any launch area.

  • When Rigging Launching and recovering any sports equipment including boats think about how to maintain 2m gap.

  • If base winds are forecast above 20kts ( on any day, then the lake will be closed to all water activities for that entire day.




  • Only members of the same household can be in the same boat together.

  • Do not sail beyond your capability.

  • Consider launching and recovery of your boat whilst maintaining social distancing.

  • Please return your launch trolley to your berth when sailing.


Other Water users


  • Always use appropriate safety equipment, if swimming use tow buoys and have a spotter (on or off the water).




  • Park considerately allowing plenty of space around your car and others already parked

  • If walking around the lake and/or picnicking - park in the main camping field, there is plenty of space.




  • Please enjoy all the areas - remember there are public footpaths on the east and south boundaries.

  • If using benches be aware others may have used them before.  Please do not move benches together.

  • No Barbecues or fires - we want to minimise risk of accidents to ensure we do not call upon emergency services unnecessarily.  They are also congregation points.


Toilet Facilities


There will be no toilet facilities available on site - you must not use the club toilets - this has been identified as a high-risk transmission point.  We are looking at how we can provide minimal toilet facilities and will update you shortly. If this is unacceptable do not come to the sailing club.


Potential Covid-19 Exposure


If you display or are unwell with possible Covid-19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone with Covid-19 Symptoms in the last 14 days stay away – Do not come to the club


In the event that a member comes to the lake and then subsequently finds they have Covid-19 symptoms within a 14 day period, we ask that they email the club on  giving the dates and times they were at the club.  We will notify members there has been a potential case giving dates and times. 


Remember maintaining social distance and following the government guidance will minimise risk of infection.


Stay Safe

CSC Committee


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