Duties at CSC

CSC can only operate with the assistance of all the members and important part of the running the club is providing safety cover and running the races on Sundays.

Each membership is expected to carry out two such duties every year, depending on your ability you can select from;

OOD: Officer of the Day.

Take ultimate responsibility for the whole club for the day! There's normally someone from the committee on hand, but its generally down to you to make sure the day runs safely and smoothly. Experience of how the club operates is essential, so don't pick this until you've been a member for a few years

RO: Race Officer

Set out a course and run the race, you need to have done the Race Officer course, but we're a friendly club so don't worry about overly competitive racers shouting protest at you!

SBH: Safety Boat Helm

You must have the RYA power boat level 2, and preferably done the in house safety boat training. You also need to be fit and able to pull a sailor out of the water and into a rib. 

SBC: Safety Boat Crew

No qualifications required, but you must be fit, able and dressed ready to get into the water in the case of emergency.

ARO: Assistant Race Officer

Best job on the day, just count the boats going over the line - with a great view of the racing!

AOOD: Assistant Officer of the Day

If socialising and cakes are your thing, this is the job for you! Feed and water some wet and exhausted sailors, turn up with home made cakes and you'll make some friends for life :)

But seriously here's some "real" information on what's expected on the day:

OOD and Crew duty overview PDF Document

OODs Managing the duty roster PDF Document

Duty Check List PDF Document